Aarhus Denmark

Norsminde harbor

About 20 km south of Aarhus, along the east coast you will find this cute little 🛥🚤marina.

At this warm October Sunday there are a lot of people here, gathering arround the small black wooden building that houses Norsminde Fiskehus🐟.

Here is a lot of outside tables and we find a place to sit sharing with a woman waiting for her food. Sometimes it can take some time waiting in line to order the food. At 14 pm today we waited about 10 minutes and then another 10 before our meal arrived.

They serve sea food and it is very tasty – we have almost tried everything on the rater small menu – and we like it all. I think the prices are very resonable too.

After finishing our meal we walked up hill to the area with holiday homes, walking back we could enjoy this view.

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