Lisbon Portugal

Restaurante Ponto Final, Alamada

Can you see the white umbrellas in the middle of the picture? This is where Ponto Final is located. Despite that Lisbon has a lot of Miradouros (view points) the view from this restaurant is one the best views in Lisbon (even though the restaurant is at the other side of the river in Alamada). This picture is taken from the steps down from the bar/restaurant and view point Boca do Vento.

INFO: There is a lift if you do not want to walk up the stairs, it is called Elevador PanorĂ¢mico da Boca do Vento, and the price is about 1€.

This is where we were seated, at the very edge of the dock, with the sun setting behind the famous bridge, Ponte 25 de Abril. It is not only about the vistas, the food was great too. Do not forget to reserve a table (outside) 2-3 weeks in advance, either at 19 or 21 o’clock (we were here at 21). You need to call them (they speak english), as they do not have a homepage or e-mail, I called several times before I got though.

TIP: Note that it is pretty caotic in spring/summer when you come to get your table, be prepared to wait at least half an hour. I approched a waither when we were there, just to let them know that we had arrived. Bring a shirt/jacket as it get chilly when the sun is gone.

Lisbon in the distance.

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