Aarhus Denmark

Tall ships races

The Tall Ships Races – morred at the quay in Aarhus in the beginning of August and we visited in the morning on the day they took of. It was very facinating to see the ships as they took of – with the sailors standing high up in the mast. Especially the Mexican sail ship was interesting as the sailors sang their way out of Aarhus.

We took our bikes with us and parked the car at the Marselisborg marina a few kilometers from the harbor. It was so nice to have the bikes as it was a big area and we went back an forth some times. When the last ship went away we cycled back and sat at Tangkrogen and watched the parade of sails in the bay of Aarhus. 

The Tall Ships Races is a competition among school ships from all over the world. This year (2019) they visited 4 cities and ended up in Aarhus.

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