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Lisbon Miradouros

You cannot say Lisbon without saying miradouro in the same sentence. Everytime you walk up a hill you are rewarded with either a lookout or a stunning view. Below I have listed a few of my favorites in no particular order.

At the Jardim do Torel (Torel garden) you will find a hidden gem, a very quiet place and usually not overrun with people. You can see the western part of Lisbon and the Rio Tejo from here. The easy way to reach Torel is by catching the less known elevador do Lavra, which run at Calcada do Lavra from the eastern side of Avenida da Liberdade.


Miradouro de Sao Pedro de Alcantara is not only a view point but also a very pretty park. It is hanging on the west side of Lisbon city center above Rossio train station, if you are near the train station you can either go by the stairs at Calcada do Duque (hard work), remember to look back near the top for a nice view to the Castello, or take the easy option with Elevador da Gloria at Calcada da Gloria (or walk up).

The lookout has two levels with the lower part being the most beatiful (hope they are soon finished with the work on this part), see picture below. The upper part has often small stalls where you can buy a drink and small souvenirs. Also there is a small kiosk where you can rest wiht at drink. From here you can se Alfama and Castello de Sao Jorge, Rio Tejo and central Lisbon.


Park bar is actually not a Miradouro – but there is a stunning view from there. The bar is situated on top of a parking garage at Calçada do Combro 78. You just walk inside, find the elevator, go to the top, and take the stairs to the roof.  Here you will find a green oases with a fantastic view, you will see the Rio Tejo, Ponte de 25 de Abril, Alamada and Cristo Rei.

Because is i a bar and a very hip one, the drinks are a little expensive and the music is loud – but the view is worth the trouble.


Miradouro de Portas do Sol and Miradouro Santa Luzia are next to each other in Alfama, beneath the Castello. From here you can see Alfama, Panteão Nacional, Rio Tejo and the cruise ship harbor.  Bar Vistas just next to Portas do Sol is a nice spot to rest your legs and have a refreshment. Photo no. 3 is Santa Luzia which is totally beautiful itself, with the pond and the pink bouganvilla.


Miradouro Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen or much easier just Graca is further away from the River but you still have a spectacular outlook from there. You can see the Castello de Sao Jorge, Ponte de 25 Abril and almost all Lisbon from here. If you are visiting the Castello this is not far from there and not to many hills to climb. Beneth is a big park and next door the convent Igreja e Convento da Graça. Also notice the sweet little square and the lovely blue tiled bouilding.


Castello de Sao Jorge is not only a view point, nevertheless you should go here for just that – the VIEW – it is stunning – and have so many look outs all the way arround. You will see River Tejo, Ponte de 25 Abril, Alamada, Cristo Rei and most of Lisbon from here.

Note that you have to pay an entrance fee €10 – it is expensive but IMO totally worth it. Take your time – you can spend a lot of time wandering arround the area – but that is another story.

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