Crete Eastern Crete Greece

Vai palm beach, Crete

Early one morning we drove along the north coast in eastern Crete. We wanted to explore the north western corner of Crete. We had arround 100 km ahed of us and it took about 2½ hours. In Crete it is quite normal because of the small roads going up and down the mountains, though google said 2 hours, I drove very carefully and slow not beeing used to drive on vinding mountain roads.

We parked at Vai beach shortly after it opend, and as you can see from the picture below there was not many people just yet. Arround 11 the beach was nearly full – and after a few relaxing hours we continued our road trip.

Vai is the largest natural palm forest in Europe, the palms are Creatan date palms and there are arround 4.500 of them. The legend says that the palms grew up because Arab pirates came here with their ships, ate the dates they had brought with them and threw the stones on the ground.

Notice the beautiful shade patterns from  the palm trees in the sand.

Adress: Epar.Od. Monis Toplous – Vai, Toplou 723 00, Crete – Open from 8.30.

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