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This small greek village is hidden in a little corner of Mirabello bay. – I would not call it unspoiled but though pretty protected from mass tourism, and is has still got some autenticity.

There are of course hotels along the coast towards Plaka, but they are wraped arround the mountains and build to fit into the landscape. Also Elounda has some of the traditional tourist shops, but we did not experience people shouting and dragging you into shops/restaurnats.

Today it is getting harder and harder to find small and relatively unspoiled villages in southern Europe, where you can find a flight to from my part of Scandinavia. IMO Elounda has a lot of what we are looking for in our two weeks of relaxing summer holiday.

Below you see the south part of Elounda,with the spinalonga penisula and the embankemnt in the distance.

Elounda in the sunset. Seen from the walkway along the road from Plaka. The village begins further ahed and stretches all arround the courve.

Elounda from above with Spinalonga peninsula as back drop.

About a kilometer north from Elounda city center – stunning view.

*the photo at the top is from Kanali Restaurant at Spinalonga peninsula.

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